Sunday, 2 January 2011

TU Live Brief Conclusion

Tu Live Project finished and my end conclusion was based on farmyard animals with little quirky slogans. The animals have little hats and winter warmers on. And there are some little bits of little houses and barns in some. The initial ideas didn't get taken through as after thoughts on the audience it felt slightly grown up and the drawings were adjusted to suit the babies and TU suggested they needed to contain simplistic features. Here is a preview of my collection for the TU Baby Girls range:

And Currently just finishing off my Self-Initiated Project which i have changed direct to a floral collection now. I have decided to work back to my original idea for prints to go on Tea-Towels and maybe aprons too. Just a sneaky preview of a drawing i have done towards the collection. Yet to be screened and developed with 2 weeks left of the project. 

Loads to get on with at the moment and our 45 Credit end module with our final Design Collection so the pressure is on. But on the plus side Dissertation is finished now and handed in. So two last terms and lots of things to think about. Keep your eyes peeled for the end of the Self-initiated project and more projects upcoming :)

Hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2011 :)