Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Just a quick update on my current goings on. 

Working on the TU Live Brief currently, on the second week now and 2 weeks left to go.

My idea is to create some quirky farmyard animals with slogans. 

And it is inspired for a collection for next year's Autumn Winter Collection 2011. 
I intend to add some little hats, mittens, boots, earmuffs etc etc to the animals to give them characteristics. 

Thinking of also adding a winter scene to it with them huddling together under shelter, sharing a scarf etc. So it has some scenery around it too. 

This is an image of my chicken drawings. I'm enjoying the drawings.

But don't feel the other farmyard animals are working as well as the chickens and the ducks. 
I'm finding them quite complicated to draw from.

So looking to go back to a farm hopefully this week to capture more photographs to work from and get more viewpoints of the animals. 

And these are just some scenarios i have worked on today using the ducks. 

 (Speech Bubble) "BRRRR! It's Chilly!"
(Dream Bubble) "toasty"

(Dream Bubble) "is that a pom pom on his tail?"

 (Speech Bubble) "Dinner's Ready"
 (Speech Bubble) "FOOD"
 (Speech Bubble) "QUACK!"

Lots still yet to work on with finalizing scenarios adding more winter knits etc into the works and finishing my animal drawings. Need to work it for the baby section from 0-18months is my target audience. And my colour to work into.

I intend to move onto photo-shop hopefully by Friday and work with the colours and hopefully all my drawings will be finished. 

I'm excited for Christmas, lots of designs around at this time of year to inspire from and quirky cute designs :) 

Enjoying reading lots of blogs and finding new artists every day. 

Will update again with final collection of TU Brief when its concluded.

Watch this Space! 

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Mid Self-Initiated

Just a quick update of my goings on, as its been another long while.

For my self-initiated project i went ahead with the Russian doll, velvets idea with bright colours. But as its a 6wk proj its still in working progress and no final conclusion as of yet. I'm currently working and developing this with floral sketching, observational drawings with different techniques and materials.

-flower sketch in graphite.

But meanwhile we have a new proj for 4wks which is a TU live brief proj for kids. I am working designs for the baby range from 0-18months old. I'm really excited to get going on this one. Eager beaver. Got loads of ideas. But will update again when designs have been created and produced.
And after these 4 wks we have 2 wks left before Xmas working on the self-initiated.

And also working on Dissertation which is due before Xmas. My dissertation is about how textiles design differs from the past 1900 to the present day. Highlighting the main era's. But also still on working progress.

Friday, 15 October 2010


Currently working on my dissertation based on textiles and doing some research.

Alongside this we are starting on our self initiated project, i am working from drawing inspiration from florals and developing this range into hopefully a finished product for homeware. My colour palette in mind at the moment is bright and bold with perhaps some rich red and purple entwined too.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Inspire me Papers Project

Continuing from my last blog my assignment was to design nearly "anything" using the papers.

So my idea was inspired by the male market, i wanted to create a stationary range of notebooks which involved robots. This isn't aimed at a particular age group as i feel that the market is missing a range which is in between child-teenagers-adults range. I felt that the kids were always very animated cartoony ranged and the adults were always plain. So my idea was to just create a range suitable for all.

So i began experimenting with the drawing, designing stage and then moving onto paper-Cut outs inspired by marimekko. Mainly with a bit of black and white and later using some colours. And then having a fiddle with other papers.

This was inspired by the artist Su Blackwell.

After a bit of experimenting i decided to take my designs onto photoshop to manipulate designs and add the Inspire me Papers. In doing so i was able to create 10 designs which i thoroughly enjoyed producing for my project. But the Project aim was to design 4 pattern designs. So i chose my final collection to be 4 designs i think worked together very well.

This is my final collection.

The first design is a design of a circuit board with text and a play on opacity.
Number 2 on the top right are of paper cut-outs placed into repeat and a small wood pine paper robot.
Number 3 on the bottom left is omnicromed tools which have been placed in horizontal repeats and collaged stripes.
My last design is a combination of the same robot that also includes text, tools and silver silkweaved robots.

Here are my six other designs:

And i would have liked my design to include some embossment but this was difficult to apply on the final design as i couldn't emboss on strong coloured paper.

I also applied my design on photoshop onto some notebooks to give the company a visual. 
And also produced a sample onto a notebook.

And a finishing touch of a bookmark created with cotton fabric, magictouch and stitch. 

This was my display table. :)

This was a 2 week project which i have thoroughly enjoyed and was able to get those creative juices flowing.

Next uni project is a 4 week project based on future trend predictions..... to be continued..... :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

End of Sept '10

A Quick blog as i have been very busy recently.

Started back at uni, current project is a Live Brief with Inspire Me Papers (Click on link for more info about them) Quite an open brief as long as it involves paper and with an end conclusion with using their papers. 

Creating 4 Patterns for scrapbook, greetings card, stationary, DIY kits and more. Can be 2d or 3d. And the patterns have to compliment each other and co-ordinate together. So really flexible open brief i thought....

So i thought i would be a bit different compared to my usual works for this and my idea is aimed at the male market, i am thinking for ages 10+ to create a robot themed stationary which is funny, approachable and overall just light-hearted cheekiness. Currently still in drawing stage creating the patterns, base idea is Robots and developing features inspired by quite a few things. 6 selected colours to choose from ranging in black, grey, silver, wood pine, blue and red. Still at an early stage with creative juices flowing and hoping to finish by the deadline which is in 2 weeks on the 11th of Oct. 

Will have to follow update with images of my developed works hopefully when i have finished :)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

20th September

20th Sept...so far.

Just an update on my goings on.

Been to 2 trade fairs recently.
-Top Drawer
-Autumn Fair.

A few artists/designers that caught my eye are :-

Cinnamon Aitch

By Alex

Belle and Boo

Many many more artists and designers were present at the show. It was good to see some work and to get me motivated ready for back to University on Thursday! :)

I am still unsure what to do for my new project. I have been looking at blogs for things currently on trend and to get inspired. Currently thinking to design a kitchen accessory range :)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

First Blog :)

Hello, my name's Aliysa and i study Textiles Surface Design at Staffordshire University.


I finished second year at uni in May, the images are of  my final result. There are two projects shown.

One was to design several cushion covers inspired with a fun theme park twist to it. This involved the colours and movement of a theme park. Each design is individually hand-stitched into. Two final Covers are shown on the left of image.

Also attached on the image was a Live Brief for Company Graham & Brown, to design a wallpaper for any room and a complimentary wall art to go with it. My design was for a kitchen. I chose to use Kitchen Utensils to create my design and was inspired by using bright kitchen colours that are used in kitchens today. Along with this the brief was also to design a complimentary wall. I was inspired with the "make do and mend" idea with hand stitch, sewing machine theme.

Add me to your blog followings to read more on my projects :)