Friday, 14 September 2012

September already!?

Oh Wow!!! It has absolutely flown by since I have last blogged.
So much has happened and it is rare that I am getting a chance to keep updated. So coming up to January in less than 4 months, and so I have been told today it is only 102 days until Christmas. So before it hits that time, I have decided my resolution is to blog at least once a month.

So brief exiting news is some of my work was recently featured on the Etsy Treasury Lists by some wonderful people. :)

I have also recently joined the phenomenal Pinterest. You can follow me at:

The one thing I have always dreamt of doing but never been able to handle is Knitting, as Winter is quick approaching I am determined to solve this mystery....

I also have some more exciting news upcoming, but I will have to keep you waiting on that.... :)

A picture speaks a thousand words, well that's what I have heard so I will attach some images of some patterns and exciting things I have seen in the last few months I have vanished. :)