Sunday, 30 January 2011

Cartoon Project printed length

Looking through my computer and coming across a couple of pictures from second year of Uni. This was my first experience at repeat print designing stage so i thought i would share this with you.

This was a Cartoon topic project to be printed and repeated. My drawings and designs were based on food and charm bracelet items incorporated into a cartoon style. The use of text is inspired by cartoons with stripes and dots to contain contrast within the pattern.
The print was a half-drop design repeated continuously with images being both negative and positive, this is also contrasting for the print so there wasn't an odd amount of white or coloured space.

This is the design mapping stage. Testing the repeats.

Putting the design onto cut through to make sure it repeats and doesn't look too noticeable.

The designs printed onto different fabrics in different colour palettes.

Alongside this i also made some swatches to work with the design prints.

All this was embellished onto with hand stitch and using design images from the print design.

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