Sunday, 23 January 2011

Floral Self-initiated conclusion

Finished my floral project last week, but been a bit tied up starting straight back onto the next new project working towards the Design Show finals.

This project was about upcoming trends and it was a wobbly start for me and i found it difficult to get into a trend. My idea and prediction was that velvets would turn bright and this was entwined with floral print designs. So i wanted to combine this idea with velvets and design for an apron and tea towel set. With different designs.

My final designs:

These are my sample swatches i made.

Including colour testing print testing, flocking and foiling.

This is the tea towel final all packaged up with tag.

Colour printed design, 

Unfolded the full size and design of the tea towel. 

This is a fellow student, my friend Hollie Slater modelling my apron at its full size.

See Hollie's work featured on her blog

Colour printed and flocked.

A close up of the apron printed.

And mannequin photographs of my design.

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