Monday, 28 March 2011

Suzanne Washington

Absolutely love this by Suzanne Washington, designed for Harrods. The colours, the layout and the quirky line drawings.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New Proj: Far Far away

So currently working on my new project which is a theme on the map of the world aimed at the Children's market which i aim to create a large scale wall art that is interactive for children.

This is my new board.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Creepy Crawlies Conclusion

 So my Creepy Crawlies Project is coming to the end, i just have this weekend to work on it. 

This is the final result of the devore, which worked really well for the curtain design. My next intention would be to photograph the full length of the design and present it in a room set so you can see the visual.

After the devore print, i printed my design with light brown onto a heavy cotton furnishing fabric.

I liked the off print of my design on the masking tape, i think i could possibly go into tape designing :)

I am currently working on my swatch collection for sampling around a children's bedroom. I am using my colours from my mood board to create these collections along with heat transfer paper, stitch, coloured fabric, layers and magic touch.

At the moment i am still working on these swatches with stitch and placements. So keep updated. :) 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Woodland Creepy Crawlies take 3

A lot of progress since my last blog post.

I was inspired by this picture i took from Ikea to design a children's bedroom design based around the woodland creepy crawlies theme. 

In my original proposal i said i wanted to design a children's bedroom curtain. But from this image i was really inspired and i decided that i wanted to design a subtle netting curtain that shines through the light to go with the curtains. 

But thereafter i also wanted to develop more designs from the images so i decided to take another week out to design a swatch sample based around the bedroom. I will be concluding this with embellished and hand stitched samples to work together for the final design collection. Really exciting stuff. 

So this was my final design which repeats straight forward sided by side and below.
This is my screen all ready to be printed.

I have started printing my netting curtain first using a process called devore to burn out the design lines within the fabric so the light can shine through once my design has printed onto the fabric. 

Pictures of strike off and design process:

I then had to pin my special fabric down, and as the fabric used for devore is special it has to have a backing fabric underneath it and then the devore fabric on top needs to be pinned on top of this...

once my design has printed onto fabric it is then put under a big heat press to burn out the devore from the fabric. The devore is burnt to a crisp colour

and after this it is taken to wash out the crisp brown colour and then the fabric will be seen as clearer print design 

(to be continued of final result.)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Woodland Creepy Crawlies take 2

I am currently in the process of ko-da-tracing up my design. 

I have successfully designed 5 designs altogether. Here is a sneaky peak at another design. 

My final chosen design is a mix of insects, woodlands and animals scattered in a multi-directional repeat. My print week is next week, which is a very tight schedule for ko-da-tracing. But i am determined to get it all done ready for printing :) 

Really excited about printing and choosing the colours.