Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Spotted: Laissez Lucie Faire

On another winter day, just doing some design trend spotting and fell in love with the bold, quirky yet sweet French Company Lassiez Lucie Faire

They have available some fantastic designs and patterns on their website, mostly available in homewares.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Hello there, sorry for another long delay in updating you with a post. I didn't get a chance to update when I got back from my jollies to Cornwall, Bude. I finally had the time to relax on a week's holiday and see the sites, enjoy myself and eat so much food. I really loved my week away in the sunny yet windy side of England, although now writing this post it seems forever ago from today's typical British weather. 

So on my travels I did some Card Spotting and couldn't resist taking snaps of some beautiful designs I saw. 

I love the use of colours in Rachel Ellen Designs

Can't resist a bit of Rob Ryan

Beautifully clear cut white space and the focus is automatically drawn to the Artist's intricate drawings.

The above two snaps are by Paper Salad.
I love the above design with the beautiful stitch elements with the colours and patterned fabric.

POOTLE Design cards

We popped into the local Sainsbury's in Bude and I spotted these beautiful intricate design by the Sainsbury's Signature range. 

My partner and friends climbing the hills, this reminded of the scene from The Sound of Music, at the end of the film where the Von Trapp are doing the same. As we soldiered on singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music....."

I've never been to or seen a beach that the rocks are covered with alive mussels, I was fascinated!

This sweet little tea shop is opposite the beach, the tablecloths and bunting were co-ordinated which appeared Cath Kidston orientated. It was decorated with little beach sea sayings and songs like "Oh I do like to live beside the seaside." 

On the journey home we decided to visit Cheddar Gorge and walk all the way up to see the view and explore. 

Friday, 14 September 2012

September already!?

Oh Wow!!! It has absolutely flown by since I have last blogged.
So much has happened and it is rare that I am getting a chance to keep updated. So coming up to January in less than 4 months, and so I have been told today it is only 102 days until Christmas. So before it hits that time, I have decided my resolution is to blog at least once a month.

So brief exiting news is some of my work was recently featured on the Etsy Treasury Lists by some wonderful people. :)

I have also recently joined the phenomenal Pinterest. You can follow me at:

The one thing I have always dreamt of doing but never been able to handle is Knitting, as Winter is quick approaching I am determined to solve this mystery....

I also have some more exciting news upcoming, but I will have to keep you waiting on that.... :)

A picture speaks a thousand words, well that's what I have heard so I will attach some images of some patterns and exciting things I have seen in the last few months I have vanished. :)