Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Another month has just flown by.

I have been living in my own little bubble over the last month or so and in my bubble A LOT has happened. In the last month or so I have finally been able to launch my etsy site which I am running while working on designs too. It's all still new and very exciting as I have a lot of idea's but not enough time. But hopefully with patience I will be bringing more and more EXCITING new pieces. If you want to check out my etsy site here is the link

I have a secret obsession of stalking artists on there as it is unbelievably addictive to see what everyone does.

Wow! The jubilee weekend was just phenomenal, the lead up to it was crazy. So much amazing designs around, bunting and flags, London, soldiers, red, white and blue, tea, scones. The turnout in London was literally shocking to see so many people gather together to celebrate. 60 years of rein in the rain :) But the spirits were high and it was truly a moment to be proud of.