Tuesday, 28 September 2010

End of Sept '10

A Quick blog as i have been very busy recently.

Started back at uni, current project is a Live Brief with Inspire Me Papers (Click on link for more info about them) Quite an open brief as long as it involves paper and with an end conclusion with using their papers. 

Creating 4 Patterns for scrapbook, greetings card, stationary, DIY kits and more. Can be 2d or 3d. And the patterns have to compliment each other and co-ordinate together. So really flexible open brief i thought....

So i thought i would be a bit different compared to my usual works for this and my idea is aimed at the male market, i am thinking for ages 10+ to create a robot themed stationary which is funny, approachable and overall just light-hearted cheekiness. Currently still in drawing stage creating the patterns, base idea is Robots and developing features inspired by quite a few things. 6 selected colours to choose from ranging in black, grey, silver, wood pine, blue and red. Still at an early stage with creative juices flowing and hoping to finish by the deadline which is in 2 weeks on the 11th of Oct. 

Will have to follow update with images of my developed works hopefully when i have finished :)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

20th September

20th Sept...so far.

Just an update on my goings on.

Been to 2 trade fairs recently.
-Top Drawer
-Autumn Fair.

A few artists/designers that caught my eye are :-

Cinnamon Aitch

By Alex

Belle and Boo

Many many more artists and designers were present at the show. It was good to see some work and to get me motivated ready for back to University on Thursday! :)

I am still unsure what to do for my new project. I have been looking at blogs for things currently on trend and to get inspired. Currently thinking to design a kitchen accessory range :)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

First Blog :)

Hello, my name's Aliysa and i study Textiles Surface Design at Staffordshire University.


I finished second year at uni in May, the images are of  my final result. There are two projects shown.

One was to design several cushion covers inspired with a fun theme park twist to it. This involved the colours and movement of a theme park. Each design is individually hand-stitched into. Two final Covers are shown on the left of image.

Also attached on the image was a Live Brief for Company Graham & Brown, to design a wallpaper for any room and a complimentary wall art to go with it. My design was for a kitchen. I chose to use Kitchen Utensils to create my design and was inspired by using bright kitchen colours that are used in kitchens today. Along with this the brief was also to design a complimentary wall. I was inspired with the "make do and mend" idea with hand stitch, sewing machine theme.

Add me to your blog followings to read more on my projects :)