Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Fabergé Egg Hunt in London

After having a brilliant Easter away I returned to visit London and happened to pass through Covent Gardens and was lucky enough to see the amazing Fabergé eggs throughout London. The story of the egg hunt comes from amazing designers, artists, architects and jewellers, 210 different eggs scattered across central London. The eggs measuring a large 2 and a 1/2 foot are hidden through 12 egg zones, encouraging all of London to participate which is set to break the Guinness Worlds record for the most amount of people participating in an egg hunt.

There were so many eggs i just fell in love with but narrowing down here are a select few of my favourites:

Eggsquisit London by Paul Kenton.

Phoenix Egg by Norma Vondee.

Time to Bloom by Natalie Guy.

Vanitas Vitrified by Emma Clegg.

The Alpha Egg of London by Joanne Holbrook.

For the Widows in Paradise, for the Featherless in Ypsilanti by Emma E. Kemp.

Egg Letter Box by Benjamin Shine.

Union Jack by Mark Shand.

There was so many eggs that were around, I caught sight of hanging on the ceiling and some i wasn't able to locate so i have been stalking some of the artists on-line :)

The Birds Promise by Rob Ryan

Tree of Life by Isharya for Wolf & Badger.

All the Stars, Moon & Sun by Ajay Padda.

If you want to see more of the amazing eggs you can find them on the Big Egg Hunt Website

Easter through Europe

This year I spent my Easter travelling to France, Belgium and Amsterdam. I had a lovely time, there was so much to see and do, the story of Anne Frank, Belgium chocolate for Easter, Paris, the Tulips in Amsterdam, Cheese, clogs, windmills and the buildings were spectacular. The weather was on the edge of chilly but bright and transport everywhere was all bikes, bikes, bikes crazy. It was a different world away from England and it was so nice to see a part of it. The transformation from day to night was eye opening. Here a few photographs of my adventures.


March stall

On the 18th of March I had a stall in Newcastle and it went down a treat. I sold lots of goodies and hopefully soon I will be opening my etsy shop with lots to purchase :) For now you can access items from my Facebook page at Aliysa Lee Design

Here are a select few photographs of my stall. I have began producing a themed range around the woodlands project as finished items for decoration and collectables such as the frames, cushions, mobile dangles and more to come soon. Also i have been working on another range as well as my pin cushions, a lavender range of woodlands animals, strawberry and carrot hangings which are perect friendlies for freshening up your wardrobe.