Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Just a quick update on my current goings on. 

Working on the TU Live Brief currently, on the second week now and 2 weeks left to go.

My idea is to create some quirky farmyard animals with slogans. 

And it is inspired for a collection for next year's Autumn Winter Collection 2011. 
I intend to add some little hats, mittens, boots, earmuffs etc etc to the animals to give them characteristics. 

Thinking of also adding a winter scene to it with them huddling together under shelter, sharing a scarf etc. So it has some scenery around it too. 

This is an image of my chicken drawings. I'm enjoying the drawings.

But don't feel the other farmyard animals are working as well as the chickens and the ducks. 
I'm finding them quite complicated to draw from.

So looking to go back to a farm hopefully this week to capture more photographs to work from and get more viewpoints of the animals. 

And these are just some scenarios i have worked on today using the ducks. 

 (Speech Bubble) "BRRRR! It's Chilly!"
(Dream Bubble) "toasty"

(Dream Bubble) "is that a pom pom on his tail?"

 (Speech Bubble) "Dinner's Ready"
 (Speech Bubble) "FOOD"
 (Speech Bubble) "QUACK!"

Lots still yet to work on with finalizing scenarios adding more winter knits etc into the works and finishing my animal drawings. Need to work it for the baby section from 0-18months is my target audience. And my colour to work into.

I intend to move onto photo-shop hopefully by Friday and work with the colours and hopefully all my drawings will be finished. 

I'm excited for Christmas, lots of designs around at this time of year to inspire from and quirky cute designs :) 

Enjoying reading lots of blogs and finding new artists every day. 

Will update again with final collection of TU Brief when its concluded.

Watch this Space! 

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Mid Self-Initiated

Just a quick update of my goings on, as its been another long while.

For my self-initiated project i went ahead with the Russian doll, velvets idea with bright colours. But as its a 6wk proj its still in working progress and no final conclusion as of yet. I'm currently working and developing this with floral sketching, observational drawings with different techniques and materials.

-flower sketch in graphite.

But meanwhile we have a new proj for 4wks which is a TU live brief proj for kids. I am working designs for the baby range from 0-18months old. I'm really excited to get going on this one. Eager beaver. Got loads of ideas. But will update again when designs have been created and produced.
And after these 4 wks we have 2 wks left before Xmas working on the self-initiated.

And also working on Dissertation which is due before Xmas. My dissertation is about how textiles design differs from the past 1900 to the present day. Highlighting the main era's. But also still on working progress.