Sunday, 30 January 2011

Cartoon Project printed length

Looking through my computer and coming across a couple of pictures from second year of Uni. This was my first experience at repeat print designing stage so i thought i would share this with you.

This was a Cartoon topic project to be printed and repeated. My drawings and designs were based on food and charm bracelet items incorporated into a cartoon style. The use of text is inspired by cartoons with stripes and dots to contain contrast within the pattern.
The print was a half-drop design repeated continuously with images being both negative and positive, this is also contrasting for the print so there wasn't an odd amount of white or coloured space.

This is the design mapping stage. Testing the repeats.

Putting the design onto cut through to make sure it repeats and doesn't look too noticeable.

The designs printed onto different fabrics in different colour palettes.

Alongside this i also made some swatches to work with the design prints.

All this was embellished onto with hand stitch and using design images from the print design.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Floral Self-initiated conclusion

Finished my floral project last week, but been a bit tied up starting straight back onto the next new project working towards the Design Show finals.

This project was about upcoming trends and it was a wobbly start for me and i found it difficult to get into a trend. My idea and prediction was that velvets would turn bright and this was entwined with floral print designs. So i wanted to combine this idea with velvets and design for an apron and tea towel set. With different designs.

My final designs:

These are my sample swatches i made.

Including colour testing print testing, flocking and foiling.

This is the tea towel final all packaged up with tag.

Colour printed design, 

Unfolded the full size and design of the tea towel. 

This is a fellow student, my friend Hollie Slater modelling my apron at its full size.

See Hollie's work featured on her blog

Colour printed and flocked.

A close up of the apron printed.

And mannequin photographs of my design.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Printed tea-towel

Sample of tea towel i printed today, using the colour palette. A few errors, which will be adjusted for the final :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Printing today,

Printing my design today.

My colours:

Printing onto heavy cotton fabric.

Just testing the screen, to see my design comes through:

Went through fine. Using this as a sample tea towel now.

Introducing the colours onto the apron tomorrow and hopefully finish. 

Can't wait to start the Individual Degree Show Project. Lots of ideas. 

Fingers crossed all goes well. 

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Coming to an end of the Self-Initiated Project.

Designing floral tea towels and an Apron to work together.

Inspired by the work of Kitty Mccall


Layout Ideas:

and my Ko-da-trace which is ready to be screened and design ready to be printed.


This is my Tea-Towel Design.

Apron Design.

My Designs all ready :)

Just need to print onto my fabrics now and have a play on colour. 

Watch out for the outcome :) 

Thursday, 6 January 2011

A bit of fame!

Starring at the bottom of the Inspire me Blog along with fellow course students.

Take a peek at the blog for everyone's creative juices.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

TU Live Brief Conclusion

Tu Live Project finished and my end conclusion was based on farmyard animals with little quirky slogans. The animals have little hats and winter warmers on. And there are some little bits of little houses and barns in some. The initial ideas didn't get taken through as after thoughts on the audience it felt slightly grown up and the drawings were adjusted to suit the babies and TU suggested they needed to contain simplistic features. Here is a preview of my collection for the TU Baby Girls range:

And Currently just finishing off my Self-Initiated Project which i have changed direct to a floral collection now. I have decided to work back to my original idea for prints to go on Tea-Towels and maybe aprons too. Just a sneaky preview of a drawing i have done towards the collection. Yet to be screened and developed with 2 weeks left of the project. 

Loads to get on with at the moment and our 45 Credit end module with our final Design Collection so the pressure is on. But on the plus side Dissertation is finished now and handed in. So two last terms and lots of things to think about. Keep your eyes peeled for the end of the Self-initiated project and more projects upcoming :)

Hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2011 :)