Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Inspire me Papers Project

Continuing from my last blog my assignment was to design nearly "anything" using the papers.

So my idea was inspired by the male market, i wanted to create a stationary range of notebooks which involved robots. This isn't aimed at a particular age group as i feel that the market is missing a range which is in between child-teenagers-adults range. I felt that the kids were always very animated cartoony ranged and the adults were always plain. So my idea was to just create a range suitable for all.

So i began experimenting with the drawing, designing stage and then moving onto paper-Cut outs inspired by marimekko. Mainly with a bit of black and white and later using some colours. And then having a fiddle with other papers.

This was inspired by the artist Su Blackwell.

After a bit of experimenting i decided to take my designs onto photoshop to manipulate designs and add the Inspire me Papers. In doing so i was able to create 10 designs which i thoroughly enjoyed producing for my project. But the Project aim was to design 4 pattern designs. So i chose my final collection to be 4 designs i think worked together very well.

This is my final collection.

The first design is a design of a circuit board with text and a play on opacity.
Number 2 on the top right are of paper cut-outs placed into repeat and a small wood pine paper robot.
Number 3 on the bottom left is omnicromed tools which have been placed in horizontal repeats and collaged stripes.
My last design is a combination of the same robot that also includes text, tools and silver silkweaved robots.

Here are my six other designs:

And i would have liked my design to include some embossment but this was difficult to apply on the final design as i couldn't emboss on strong coloured paper.

I also applied my design on photoshop onto some notebooks to give the company a visual. 
And also produced a sample onto a notebook.

And a finishing touch of a bookmark created with cotton fabric, magictouch and stitch. 

This was my display table. :)

This was a 2 week project which i have thoroughly enjoyed and was able to get those creative juices flowing.

Next uni project is a 4 week project based on future trend predictions..... to be continued..... :)


  1. These are amazing... thanks for sharing....


  2. Thank you for viewing Ceo, and i'm glad you enjoyed it. :) x