Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Shire Hall Gallery Jan 2013

So after a fabulous month away from home, I'm finally back and Resolution 2013 is to blog more. 

While it was so good to be away, I did however miss home and my family a lot. Today was my errand day, time to restock the fridge, check the bank account etc etc. So in my small town of Stafford I saw there was a Textiles Exhibit...I couldn't resist a peek inside. 

Here's some artists works which really caught my eye. 

As soon as I came into the doors and saw this artist's work, I thought Rob Ryan and had to look twice.
Anna Howarth also works with paper cuts and explores cultural identity in her works.

Becky Adams had really beautiful stitch work on display. If you have a look at her website you can see how lovely and detailed her work is, irresistible textiles.

Some very intricate work by Laura Grain

Boop Design Ceramic Pieces.

And last of all, it was most lovely to discover a fellow Staffordshire University ex-student's work exhibited at the Gallery. Julia Jowett

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