Friday, 3 June 2011

Mapping the world conclusion

Wow, it's been a long while since i've last updated, i have been busy finishing the last straws of university as well as completing the last world map prooject and squeezing in a card project too.

University has finally come to an end. We have had our assessments and the show is currently up waiting for external examiner on the following week.

The World map wall canvas project was a success.

I drew a lot of buildings and symbols based on each country. Inspired by illustrator artists with thin quirky line drawings, experimenting with ink drawings and collage. I mainly concertrated on the shapes of buildings and the patterns within.

I drew the map by hand and was able to re-scale the map through the photo copier to a nice wall canvas size and plotted colours to layout the map colours. I used heat transfer papers to get the right colour and through paper cutting the map out by hand.

Through my development of drawings i was able to place these into my hand drawn map for my final piece wall canvas. The drawings were worked on with photoshop and developed further. This is also hand-stitched and coloured with the heat transfer paper and layered with magic touch using heavy cotton fabric. 

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