Friday, 10 June 2011

Open Night

Show opened tonight at 6pm, was wonderful and very busy. Great to see the atmosphere buzzing and business cards flying out the holders. Looking forward to what the future holds now.

My work displayed is featured on my 8 week woodland wonders project which includes the two printed lengths,

and some wall art canvas pieces 

which focus's in on scenes between nature, animals and insects. I really wanted to create fun interesting yet odd scenario's between them and i have developed on these pieces using subtle hand stitch to emphasize and highlight certain aspects from the scenes.

Here are a selected few of the wall arts close ups.

You can also ask to see my portfolio which is on show grounds which feature work across the 3 years at University and also some sketch books.

Show is open for another week yet, so hop on down to the show and see everyone's amazing work :) Show closes on Saturday 18th 4pm. Show times are featured in the post before this.

Online web gallery link for Staffordshire University.

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